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MAEA 2018 Fall Conference Workshop Proposal Form

October 25-28, 2018

PROPOSALS DUE: MAY 1, 2018 Date: 12/12/2018

MAEA Conference Workshop Proposal Form

The 2018 conference co-chairs would like to thank you for volunteering your time and knowledge. Please keep the following in mind when filling out this form. In the effort to provide a variety of workshops, we would like to limit ticketed events. For those who need to determine if they need to ticket their event, use this as your guide: 1) hands on, 2) unique materials provided for attendees (outside of traditional handouts), and/or 3) those that require a fee. To encourage paperless green methods, we encourage presenters to make support materials available after the conference on the MAEA website. We truly do appreciate your desire to help make the 2018 conference great. Please have information COPY READY. Type the information as it would appear in the conference publications. ALL required fields must be filled out.

Please have information COPY READY. Type the information as it would appear in the conference publications. ALL Fields must be filled out.

Presenter Contact Information: (Must be your year round contact information.)
Title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.)   First Name
    Last Name
Cell Phone Number   Email Address
    Home Street Address
    Zip Code
Co-Presenter name and email (if applicable):

List other presenter’s names, titles and schools for this presentation:

ADMINISTRATOR CONTACT INFORMATION: MAEA will send a letter of introduction and explanation to your administrator regarding the work you will be doing.
First Name Last Name

Work Street Address

Email Address Zip Code


While all topics in art education are welcome, we are especially seeking lessons or techniques that have been used successfully with students who have special needs in these areas: cognitive/developmental disabilities(dd), physical or emotional challenges, LGBT issues, poverty, trauma/loss, and refugees & immigrants.

Title of Presentation:

Proposal Description: 25-30 word description of presentation for the program. COPY READY, PLEASE.

Proposal Category: (check all that apply)
All Audiences (AA) Cognitive/dd (CD) Administration/Supervision (AS) Curriculum/Instruction (CI)
Elementary (EL) Physical/emotional (PE) Student Teacher (ST) Technology (TE)
Middle School (MS) Other special needs (SP) (specify below) Museums (MU) Cultural Diversity (CD)
High School (HS) Higher Education (HE) Retired Educators (RE) Hands-On (HO)
      Other (specify below)

Please write a more detailed description (100 words or less) that will not be published but will provide the conference planning team with a better understanding of your presentation. Please note details here if you selected "Other special needs" or "Other" from above.

Time Needed for Presentation: (select one) 50 minutes 1 hour, 50 minutes Other (please note time needed)

Are you willing to repeat this presentation? : Yes No, thank you

If yes, Yes, twice Yes, three times
What day(s) do you prefer (check all that apply)? (We will try our best to accommodate.) Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Maximum number of Participants: 25 minimum and refer to the guidelines for ticketed workshops above.
Presenter's Needs: (includes co-presenters; select all that apply)
Screen (you must bring your own laptop and connector)   Water source (explain here)
LCD Projector       Additional Electrical (explain here)


Presenters are responsible for covering the tables as necessary to the workshop. Please leave the room cleaner than you found it.

Room Setup: Theater (chairs) Classroom (tables and chairs)   Other

List of items and cost:
Total cost per person:

Explanation of Workshop Reimbursement: Reimbursement is available for a reasonable sum for materials and/or photocopies. For sessions requiring such a fee, costs of consumable materials must be indicated. This becomes a ticketed event. For reimbursement, names must be checked off the list of workshop registrants. Reimbursement may not exceed the amount of tickets sold or total cost of materials, whichever is greater. TOOLS, TRAVEL, AND CONFERENCE FEES ARE NOT REIMBURSABLE ITEMS. You are entitled to reimbursements up to the amount of the workshop fee X number of tickets sold documented by attached receipts, list of items with cost, and attendance sheet. (e.g. $5 fee, 20 tickets sold, 15 participants attended, total reimbursement $5 x 15 = $75)

Please select one to confirm you have read and understand the requirements.

1. Current MAEA Member   membership number 

  I understand that I will register to attend the conference. This applies to (students, Art Educators K-12, Higher Educators, Museum Educators)

2. New or renewing membership

  I understand that I will join or renew my membership to MAEA and register to attend the conference.

3. NON-member

  I am a vendor.
  I understand that I am required to become a member and register for the conference in order to attend workshops and events.
  Non-member: guest presenter: I understand I must register for the conference if I wish to attend sessions/or sign up for meals or pay the hotel rate.

PRESENTER'S PLEDGE: Our conference is successful because of the tremendous efforts put forth by volunteers. With this spirit of volunteerism in mind, I am aware that if my proposal is accepted, I will still be required to register for the conference and pay the general registration fee in order to attend other conference events. I also understand that my presentation is not to be a for-profit venture without the approval of the conference chairmen. (This does not apply to vendors who have secured exhibition space.) Current educators are expected to be current MAEA members and register for the conference.

Current educators are expected to be current MAEA members and register for the conference.

By signing my name digitally below I acknowlwdge that I have read and understand the Presenter's Pledge and I understand this is a commitment for presenting at the 2018 MAEA Fall Conference.

Presenter Signature

Date Current NAEA/MAEA member ID #

As an added security measure, you will receive an email confirmation for your proposal within one week after submission. Selection of workshops will be made by May 1, 2018. Feel free to contact Donna Emerson, Michelle Reile, and Cindy Semark at Conference2018@miarted.org with any questions. PROPOSALS ARE DUE MAY 1, 2018.


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